The Hampton Roads Oral History Project (HROHP) aims to document the impact of the civil rights movement on area residents.  This community-engaged learning project was established in the fall of 2012 by CNU history professor Dr. Laura Puaca, in conjunction with two community organizations, the Newsome House Museum and Cultural Center and the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center. Most of the interviews were carried out by students enrolled in Dr. Puaca’s History 341 class, “The Long Civil Rights Movement.” Students worked in pairs to prepare, conduct, and transcribe an interview with a member of the local community.

This collection contains both the original audio files as well as the interview transcripts, which have been reviewed and edited by the students and HROHP staff. Transcripts were also sent to each interviewee for review. The transcripts seek to remain faithful to the original content of each interview while assisting readability (eliminating false starts and filler words such as "uh," providing additional clarifying information when necessary, etc.).

The HROHP has also worked to digitize visual materials that supplement the interviews. Included on this site are scans of yearbooks and photographs shared by community members and organizations. 

These various materials are part of an on-going and permanent collection that will grow over time.