Susann Davis

Susann Davis, left; Madam Annie Daniels, right

Susann Davis was born in Grove Hill, Alabama in 1950. She lived there until she and her family moved to Newport News, Virginia, when she was seven. She attended Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and Huntington Middle School in Newport News. She later attended Phenix High School in Hampton, Virginia, where she graduated in 1968. Following high school graduation, she entered the Air Force and later attended Hampton Institute (now University) and spent much of her career as a nurse. She is the niece of Madam Annie Belle Daniels (1917-2017), who owned the Madam Annie Daniels Salon and Madam Annie Daniels School of Beauty Culture in Newport News. Daniels was also very involved in local politics and efforts to ensure voting rights.

-Interview and biographical information recorded in 2024.