Janice Larrimore

Janice Larrimore was born Janice Bowman on August 6th, 1954 in Morrison, Virginia, and moved to downtown Newport News when she was 14. Larrimore attended Carver Elementary School from grades first through seven and attended Huntington High School for eighth grade. From ninth through eleventh grade, Larrimore attended Carver High School. For her senior year, Larrimore and her classmates were relocated to Menchville High School as a result of Newport News’s mandatory bussing program. After graduation, Larrimore’s higher education included Peninsula Business College, Thomas Nelson Community College, St. Leo College, and the Richmond and Hampton Roads Regional Criminal Justice Centers. Larrimore has worked as a teacher’s aid, sales clerk, PYouth outreach coordinator, and has significant experience as both a campus police officer and a deputy sheriff. Larrimore married her husband, George S. Larrimore, Sr., who passed away in 2021. They both were formally involved in the regular NAACP branch. They owned and operated a mobile car wash service, which Mrs. Larrimore now operates.

-Interview and biographical information recorded in 2023.